2018 – 2019


Redesigning for improved consistency and information clarity on a homework & study guide website for students and teachers


Experience Design Intern


Adobe XD, Zeplin


From study guides to homework help, students and teachers prioritize credibility and accuracy. But the amount of resources out there can be overwhelming.

Through the 20+ years that eNotes has been around, the company has accumulated a wealth of annotated texts, teaching plans, and study tools. But as the site grew, so did its inconsistency. I stepped in to make the experience cohesive and trustworthy.

Understanding our users

While the marketing team aggregated Google Analytics data and quantitative responses, I synthesized the qualitative responses of over 1,300 surveys to determine students’ and educators’ needs and common behaviors. From all of this data, I designed a total of 5 user personas based on our students, teachers, and educators.

Clarity and organization

The website has a lot to offer, and it was my job to redesign pages such that the information was organized and so that users could find what they needed quickly. I worked with marketing to perform A/B testing on pages to see what designs work– and what don't.

Shared visual vocabulary

As we made large changes to the site, creating a large number of new elements on various pages, we saw a need for a method to keep our mockups consistent. After choosing updated colors, typography, and components with my team, I created components on Adobe XD and CC Libraries to streamline the prototyping process.

Designed to work in conjunction with the existing eNotes style guide, the component system is intended to help designers and developers visualize how atomic elements come together to create our web pages.